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The Atomic Café film directed by Pierce Rafferty, Jayne Loader, and Kelvin Rafferty

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The Atomic Café film directed by Pierce Rafferty, Jayne Loader, and Kelvin Rafferty

The Atomic Café film was directed by Pierce Rafferty, Jayne Loader, and Kelvin Rafferty and produced on March 17th in 1982 through the Archives Project production company in New York City; and run for eighty-six minutes. The documentary film was chosen for conservation in the “National Film Registry” by the united states’ congress library in 2006. The movie comprises early stages of nuclear combat that were created from an extensive array of archival supplies from the 1940s to the early 1960s, such as television news footage, advertisements, newsreel clips, and films produced by the government. The film is informative and entertaining though it is also horrific and hilarious since it involves the discussion of the atomic bombings in World War 11. Although the attacks led massive destruction of lives, properties, and health, and it is against religious beliefs, the nuclear explosions played a crucial role in American democracy and politics primarily in terms of security, peace, and political power.

In July 1945, during World War 11, the allied forces destroyed Nazi Germany, thus leading to the end of the war, and on the other hand, Japan was having a pointless fight against America. The atomic weapon was tested in New Mexico in Alamogordo. The bomb resulted in the ending of the war, thus leading to peace and political victory. The narrator, Paul Tibbets, says that “The God-gifted atom bomb becomes a symbol of American love for international peace, freedom, and democracy until the red communists test their power.” The use of atomic bombs promoted peace and democracy in the united states since the two weapons though, were destructive lead to immediate peace across the world.

While viewing the ideas of realism theory, also known as political theory, the use of atomic bombs in the war in political wars is plausible. The realism theory, to the Atomic Café, justifies the importance of the state doing political actions, either good or evil, for its benefits and residents. According to the realism theory, the state should protect itself from external attacks.  Also, Vidich argues that the atomic explosion did end not only the war but also the imperviousness of America from foreign attacks since it showed its political and military capabilities to the world (pp. 499). Thus, gaining from other countries since it took advantage of the victory to protect its sovereignty, citizens, and political authority. On the contrary, the bombing resulted in panic and mistrust on American democracy primarily through military and presidential seats hence leading to the Watergate Scandal and the Vietnam war.

In other words, considering the elements of democracy such as protection of human rights, civic participation in political activities, and other crucial elements and significances, the Atomic café film plays a vital part in enlightening and justification of the atomic bombings. The bombings were done to gain political power and protect the residents from further damages of the war. Although the blasts lead to deaths and destruction of properties and still cause health problems such as cancer, the people should view it as a way of survival of America and its allies since it achieved great benefits to the political authority, sovereignty, and source of peace. Despite the results of the following scandals, as the supporter of democracy and realist theory, i think the country should do what it must for survival and protect itself from external forces.

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