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The movie industry is one of the most entertaining and most lucrative industries

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The movie industry is one of the most entertaining and most lucrative industries

The movie industry is one of the most entertaining and most lucrative industries in the entertainment world. Many films over the centuries try to resonate with people’s lives, educate them, entertain them, and make them laugh. for many centuries several film production have graced thetheatres and many many are a success as people get to fall in love with them. From the classics to the modern films, people love going to theatres to watch them, some watch them at home by purchasing the movies through vendors. The audience has evolved in how they watch these films and perceive their favourite characters. Many watch flms so that they can see their favorite actors grace the scren every now and then.


Romeo and juliet is a c;lassic fil produced in the year 1996 by the century fox cinema was an immediate success as many people loved the film. Leonardo dicaprio and clare danes star in the movie as romeo and juliet respectively. This is a crime romance film in which the two stra romeo and juliet fall in love which each other despite their families feuding against each other. The enemity between the two family could not allow their m,embers to interact let alone marrying. This love between the two meant everyone was against it from the beginning and it was bound to end in tragedy.


Leonardo dicaprio star as romeo and falls in love with juliet when he crashed into a party. The star fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the party and he was bpound not to let her go. Leonardo performance at the party was exemplary showing hhis emotions clearly and naturally to potray a young man falling in love with a beautiful lady. The costumes he wore revealed the setting of the movie which is in the past. His mastery of the language was flwoless as he went ahead to conquer juliet and become lovers.


The film director didn’t spend much in producing this film as setting it in the past was easier.  They set the film in the past and based ion two warring families, these families were wealthy but their differences could not allow them to interact. Costume designers and setting of the movie is perfect as it potrays an ancient city where normally the rich would marry the rich and not cross classes. The two families are potrayed wealthy but their ancient rivalries would not allow them to interact nor share anything common. The film potrays this very well as the juliets family reject romeo marriage proposal and organize for juliet to be married by another person. They go ahead and marry in secret before taking their own lives due to frustration.


Leonao plays the romeo character very well as he potrtyas a young man infatuated by love. The thoughts of not being with juliet would drive him crazy and all he couyld think of was her. His acting is flawless as he assumes the character of Romeo and many would love the way he plays and assumes this role. The actor makes the film sound and look authentic through his costumes and acting prowess. Huis chemistry with co star clare is the most important asset for this family as they potray it very well as romeo and juliet.


The sound track in this film is good as the producers and directors used varioous songs in the movie to bring in the m,ood and good atmosphere. This film is well modernized as the two stars bring in theri modernized dialogue style while still maintaining the original dialogue. The original dialogue gives the film au and many people reagrd it as a master piece. Many people who watch films want authentic productions, this is wahta they look for in movies and authenticy makes the film srtick with them for years. The two stars captivate the audience and makes the film so emotional that many people who watch it will cry. This film is a good purchase for anyone that loves to watch authentic romance films.



Romeo and juliet is a good love, passion, crime and romaxce film that many people would love to watch.  Peope can watch this film in theartes or at homesby purchasing a DVD version pof it. It is a good purchase as the quality is good, it has a good cinematrography and clear graphics.the film is worthy watching for many peopl who love classic movies.

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