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Media response 3

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Media response 3

My media Family is “Modern Family,” a modern sitcom that features different types of nuclear families. The events in the film reflect the social issues faced in contemporary society. The film demonstrates the current societal social changes where the interaction of characters deviates from traditional gender roles. The “Modern Family” fits the feminism concept. The media has used images of males and females to show how the current gender roles desist traditional gender roles.

Even though the film presents patriarchal families where males maintain to be the head of the family, the behaviors of males in their marriages are different from the traditional masculinity norms. For instance, traditionally, males are portrayed as influential figures who do not show their emotions. However, in this film, males like Phil are not afraid of showing their feelings as they are seen crying whenever they face difficult situations. The overly sensitive behaviors have been traditionally associated with feminism. He is portrayed as a gentle, and Gloria in the film even compares him with women (Lehmann). According to Phil, such behaviors make him relate well to his children. For instance, he is heard saying that if his son sees him as his idiot friend, then he would succeed being a father. He does not care about being the traditional father figure of being an authoritarian. Clair is portrayed as a matriarchal mother who demands equal parenting with Phil. She is portrayed as an intelligent and smart woman. Describing her as an intellectually superior figure to her husband contradicts the traditional masculinity norm.  She is seen as a rational woman who solves most of the problems at home, including fixing the sink which Phil could not do.






















Work cited

Lehmann, Carolin. “How Modern is Modern Family? A Critical Review on the U.S.          SitcomRegarding Gender Roles and Hegemonic Ideologies”. Rhetoric and Composition         I.  Web 12 February 2015.             iew_on_the_U.S._Sitcom_Regarding_Gender_Roles_and_Hegemonic_Ideologies



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