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The relationship between Public Relations and Journalist

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The relationship between Public Relations and Journalist

Public Relations and Journalism

The relationship between Public Relations and Journalist, although very complex, is somewhat symbiotic and comprises of constant interaction in the process of news production. Journalists seek out Public Relations Practitioners for their materials, to supplement articles they are writing. On the other hand, PR practitioners offer journalists information that they create, with the hope that it ends up being published in the newspaper. Although the two professions have several differences, such as the objectivity of journalism and the subjective nature of public relations, both of them set the basis of their objectives on influencing the opinions of the public.

Susan Walton states that everybody wins, especially the public when journalists and public relation practitioners work together. Their similarities enable journalists to acquire information from public relations practitioners who are highly reliable and capable of obtaining information. Public relations practitioners can also have more opportunities to relay their information to the public. The public gets the most out of a positive relationship between the two, as their interests are the main focus. The public is able to have access to authentic stories and information that they can use to improve their lives.

Journalism and public relations are dependent on each other. Without journalists, public relations professionals would not be able to spread awareness of the activities of their clients. Without public relations, journalists will not be up to date with what the public finds valuable and meaningful. Their similarities are what makes it possible for people to have information that is not only accurate but also true, as they weed out false news that circulates social media.

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