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The United States of America was involved in conflicts

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The United States of America was involved in conflicts


The United States of America was involved in conflicts when asserting their rights to come up with their government. The events happened between American colonists and British soldiers when they fought for their rights and freedoms.  However, the war was over, and the Independence declaration took place in three parts: the statement of natural rights, preamble, and the list of grievances that saw the resolution of independence that separated England from its colonies. Later on, there were constitutional amendments like the 15th amendment, which impacted the Americans’ interaction of their voting rights based on race and color. However, the superpower countries like the US, UK, Russia, China, and France created the United Nations Security Council that helped them maintain peace and security.

The first part was the declaration of natural rights, which states that every person was born with their rights and freedoms. Declaration of natural rights came up when the continental Congress decided to make minor changes to Jefferson’s draft declaration. The draft had critical ideas that all men were created equal; a human being had inalienable rights and talked about the pursuit of happiness. The second part was the preamble, which stated that the colonists justified their right to rebel. However, this part was concerned because the government had begun abusing power, and the people were responsible for abolishing the government. The third part was the list of grievances that had detailed information on how King George III failed to protect the colonists’ rights. Americans were concerned that the king was reluctant to assenting laws, and he had forbidden the governors to pass immediate laws. The last part was the resolution of independence, which separated England from its colonies. e

The 15th amendment, after the civil war, affected the American people. It stated that the statement the Americans voting rights on according to one’s race, or color, among others. It also had a provision that the Congress retain powers to enforce the article by legislation. This amendment had an impact on modern American society since it denied women their voting rights. During reconstruction, the bill succeeded in motivating African Americans to vote, an act that saw them elected to public offices in the 1880s united states of America. The significant effect on governing political and legal decisions in modern America was when they were they enacted poll taxes, literacy tests and threatened them with violence. Voting rights were later changed in the 20th century when with the exclusion of all African Americans in the states of the former confederacy.

After World War II, the superpower countries formed the United States Security Council (USSC) to assist them in different issues that affected them. The USSC began with the aim of maintaining international reconciliation and safety.  Membership to the assembly was under the United Nations Charter, where each member has one vote and obligated to comply with the decisions of the meeting. The council comprised fifteen participants in total who were five eternal and ten non-permanent members. Countries with unlimited membership include the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, China, and the Russian Federation. However, non-permanent members were Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Niger, the Republic of Dominican, Tunisia, South Africa, and Viet Nam, among others. These members elected members acted on a condition of a  two-year term by the General Assembly. During the assembly meetings, the two members can participate in discussions without a vote. At some point, the council can consider including them in conversations if they are part of the dispute.


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