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advantages and disadvantages associated with nationalism

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advantages and disadvantages associated with nationalism


Nationalism is commonly described as the attitude that an individual develops or have when caring their identity as the member of the nation as well as the actions that one takes as member of a nation to sustain some forms of political sovereignty. Thus trough the 20th and 21st century some several advantages and disadvantages have been associated with the nationalism on political struggles. These include.

Nationalism has contributed a lot in political shaping trough the twenty-first – century. Through globalization, the integration of regions most countries governments has been pushed to revive the rhetoric of national building boosting the political power of some of the nation and influence to other by securing regional alliances, international organizations and trading networks. Across the globe, however, the integration of regions due to globalization has resulted turned to be a threat affecting most of the developing countries political struggle. Nationalism has resulted in the interconnected world in political struggles by appreciating self-determination, autonomy, independence, and sovereignty among the citizens. It has predicted the national state of a countries politics thus reducing ethnicity conflicts and withdraws of cold war promoting the political state of a country. Nationalism has promoted equality and democracy among the ethnic members in the states; it has reduced bloodsheds as a result of ethnicity among the members in a region. It has also promoted self-defence and reparation to injustice among the victimized groups. However, it is also evidenced that terrorism has increased as a result of nationalism aiming to take revenge on other individuals or state affecting the political struggle.

In conclusion, the philosophy of nationalism in a political struggle among many counties has played a positive role creating a major background in maintaining peace and unity despite some of the disadvantages. Thus it should be embraced.



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