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Fund of Data systems and Finance & Blockchain

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Fund of Data systems and Finance & Blockchain

Fund of Data systems and Finance & Blockchain are among the best courses that a person should consider doing. These two courses share a lot of information concerning different areas. The knowledge and concepts learned in these courses will be of the significant application when it comes to my daily life. Through taking Finance & Blockchain, I have come to learn more concepts concerning blockchain technology. I have experience working in the IT industry in designing web-based applications and UI applications.

The knowledge about blockchain technology will help me improve my skills in web-based application design. In the future, I would like to extend my experience by working with fintech companies. In working with these companies, the knowledge I have gained about finance and blockchain will be of great application. Through the fund of data systems, I have learned a lot of concepts concerning data and web-designs. Every day we interact with some data. In interacting with this data, we need to understand all the activities surrounding this data.

The course has helped me understand more about the threats that target data. I have gained knowledge concerning different worms and how the worms and viruses can be tracked down. This knowledge will help me in my daily activities, which include interaction with computing devices and data. I have come to know the best practices which can be put in place to prevent worms and viruses from spreading. I will apply this knowledge to help my workmates to avoid some attacks. I will be able to advise the fintech company that I will be working on how to protect its systems against these attacks.

The course shares several case studies which have helped me gain information on how certain countries and organizations react when it comes to blockchain technology. I will use this concept to advise the organization I will be working with on the best countries to invest in. This concept will also be of great use when it comes to advising the fintech company on some partnerships to form.

Fund of Data System has helped me understand more about the internet. Data and the internet are two terms that are related in many ways. Fintech companies use the internet in different daily activities. The internet is needed so that they may share data and also design some web-based applications. The company should have adequate information surrounding the internet to ensure that it doesn’t face some challenges. Through the course, I have understood that the internet can improve the performance of an organization, and at the same time, it may affect an organization negatively. Many attackers are using the internet to succeed in their attacks. I will be of great use when it comes to protecting data and other resources shared over the internet.

The two courses related in that knowledge and concepts they share are related. The knowledge I have gained from them will improve my productivity as an employee. With my experience and skills, I will be able to apply all these concepts to make sure that I help my organization to succeed. Learners should be determined to take these two courses, among other courses, to expand their knowledge in different areas.

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