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The gulf war was a response to Iraq’s decision to attack Kuwait

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The gulf war was a response to Iraq’s decision to attack Kuwait

  1. The gulf war was a response to Iraq’s decision to attack Kuwait. The various causes of the gulf war can be traced to some years in the history of the two countries. Gulf war was ignited when Iraq launched an attack on Iran. During the war, the Iraq attackers also attacked the oil tankers, which came from Kuwait from the sea. Kuwait offered to provide financial aid to Iraq by offering them fourteen billion dollars. The lift between Iraq and Kuwait developed as a result of the failure of Iraq to convince Kuwait to council their debt. The solution has not arrived even after one year. Iraq, however, tried to convince the oil-producing countries to lower their oil production to increase the prices of crude oil. Iraq aimed to increase its revenues and gaining the capability to repay the debt. Kuwait failed to act like the other countries in the reduction of oil production but rather increased its quota to fifty percent. This action did not favor Iraq’s objective. Iraq developed made a claim against Kuwait to have stolen their oil over their borders. The war was lit when Sadam Hussein used his military troops to invade Kuwait, taking it over and destroying many oil fields in Kuwait.

After the attack by Iraq, the United Nations did not support the move by Iraq, and Iraq suffered the imposition of economic sanctions. Iraq, however, did not leave Kuwait until when the United Nations threatened to use military interventions to force Iraq military out of Kuwait. America leads the military troops from 34 countries to flush out the Iraq military from Kuwait. Iraq’s being allies of the Soviet Union also contributed to the war. The Americans acted fast, leading the frontline to remove Iraq militarily for being close allies of the Soviet Union, which America did not favor.


  1. The united nation has had impacts on the politics of many countries in the world. The united nations continue to have the capacity and capability to improve the political systems in many countries around the globe. During the United Nations general assembly, the common issues addressed are the concerns off the rule of law at both national and international levels. United nations facilitate global governance through factors such as facilitating a balance in the world powers, gathering regional support, and encouraging environmental solutions. Through safeguarding of national unity and peace, the united nations eliminate the social challenges in the society by making the planet a better hospitable place. Political structures strive well where the social systems in the society are stronger. Under the United Nations, the conflicts between nations have continued to decline. The united nations favor the use of diplomacy in solving political wrangles in countries. This has reduced the cases of violence in many countries. The united nations have had impacts in reshaping the sovereign states both externally and internally. Interventions without the support of the United Nations in the past have suffered diverse weaknesses. The United Nations is considered a legitimate body by many states. Some failures by the United Nations result from the mutual problems amongst countries during the process of resolving disputes. The united nations strengthen political systems by approving or rejecting the use of force by countries. In some instances, the united nations have been criticized for being controlled by the strong western powers. However, it remains the global institution with a high level of competency in addressing multiple and complicated challenges experienced in many countries. The United Nations has continued to encourage the development of strong political systems and embracing diplomacy to solve challenges amongst the member countries.


  1. States have played a significant role in enhancing international relations through the globalization process. Globalization subjects countries to huge internal and external pressures. Many states in the developing countries need to be strengthened to face the threats of poverty and inequalities that hinder international relations. International relations have been criticized for undermining the significance of the state while advancing the private sector players. However, this critic has been discredited with the fact that with or without globalization and impacts of globalization, the nation and the state still survive. The state is key in both international and domestic arenas. The states can be strengthened through the creation of stable environments. Some human development reports indicate that IR does not hinder global market expansion but rather increase the local and global governance in states. The role of international bodies such as the world trade organization and the foreign, monetary fund has been critical in the development of states. Through international relations, many states are beneficiaries of the services of global organizations. The role of the state in international relations is critical. The roles of the state in international relations are based on capitalism, socialism, and social welfare. One of the critical roles of the state in international relations is the creation of an enabling environment among the various citizens. The state offers protection to various people in the community from internal as well as external aggression. The state is also responsible for the promotion of unregulated and free trade in the economy. The state role in market control has huge impacts on international relations. Social welfare states enhance minimum standards for a better quality of life to the citizens. The welfare of the people is improved through the provision of better health and educational facilities and protection against employment loss. A social welfare state puts emphasis on the economic welfare of people through the essential democratic values featured through minimal government interventions.

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