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RE: Compulsory vacation.

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RE: Compulsory vacation.


PO BOX …..








Dear employee,


RE: Compulsory vacation.

The purpose of this letter aims to inform you to take a vacation leave for your used days according to the annual leave balance. The vacation starts from today throughout May, June and July. This step is in adherence to the ministry of Human Resource which requires all employees to take a compulsory leave. Day taken for vacation will count as normal vacation day hence will count in the annual vacation accompanied by all pays paid during vacations. Those who fail to pick their approved vacations can take unexceptional leave where they will not be paid for this period of time. Their annual leave balance will hold once normal operation resume according to Article 116 of the Labor Law. Day

I would recommend you to take this leave and adhere to the ministry of Labor and the ministry of health to fight Covid-19. The disease is diversitating and it’s our duty to protect you as our employees by giving you a leave. Take this opportunity to protect yourself from the diseases and your family. This opportunity also gives you time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and regain lost energies.



Yours faithfully,


Human Resource Department.


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